Monday, October 30, 2006

Arrival at Galapagos Island

DSCN0107, originally uploaded by Tak from HK.

In Puerto Ayora, I met a Isral guy, Matan. He helped me out to find a hostel and I´m sharing the room with him for a cheaper rate.

My plan is to find a last minutes offer for a 8 days boat trip. So, I go to every travel agent to look for the best deal. But, it is Sunday and some of the travel agents has closed.

And the offers I heard is out of my expectation and budget. So, I decided to wait for one more day. Although, Matan has signed in one but for US$750.

The next day, I stepped in the travel agent which is recommended by the guidebook. She is very nice and helped me out for the last minutes deal. She made a lot of phone calls and find that all the boat is full for this week. And the latest offer is 10 days later.

Wait! I don´t expect waiting for so long. I am very nervous and don´t know what to do. If I stay here for 10 more days, my travel plan will have to change which I don´t want. But, I cannot go without this boat trip. It is definitely one of the place where I dreamed of.

I cannot make the decision and I just went to othe travel agent to see if there is any luck.

A guy from the other travel agent called me and said there is a place left! Finally, I make the deal with the same boat as Matan and paying US$20 more.

So, the total cost for Galapagos Island is:

USD320 Air Ticket
USD100 National Park Fee
USD770 8 day Boat Trip

USD1,190 in total

I will be on boat from 31 Oct to 7 Nov. So, share pics with you when I´m back!


Anonymous said...

Woh! Expect you show up in the pic with your new friend! Have a nice trip with Matan lar! (BTW, does he handsome? heee!)


Madrid said...

Wow~ So expensive (esp. for you)! I'll spend more time with your pics then. Full of $$$...... :P