Tuesday, October 24, 2006

My Start

My parents at the airport, originally uploaded by Tak from HK.

This is my day 1 and it is a long day.

My parents took me to the airport and it is the first time of my life! So sweet!

It took 12 hours to cross the Pacific Ocean to LA. Due to the time diff., 15 hrs, I arrived on the same day, i.e. still 22 Oct 2006.

Then, another 5 hours flight to Miami with 3 hours time diff. I arrived at 7:30 early morning of 23 Oct 2006and have 8 hours to kill before my next flight.

For another 4 hours, I finally reach my starting point, Quito of Ecuador, after 31 hours.

Some background, Quito is located 2850m above sea level as said in the guide book. I spend one day in the old town and it feel like a big Macau!

Have a look on my pics.


Anonymous said...

Hallo Tak,

nice to join your journey in the cyber space. As we watched your photo together, Linda said, here should be your daily agenda:
1. arrive in the city
2. find the hostel
3. find the internet cafe
4. upload the photos
5. find the market (u really like visiting food market)
6. ...
well, it raises our memories of travelling in europe too, (but we are too lazy, we travel seldom, everytime we can only make a one week travel, longer than that, we are already exhausted), what a hard time. Not to forget the heavy backpackage on the shoulder, sometimes nervous, sometimes afraid, but after overcoming all the small problems, have much pleasures... Can read from your diary your joy now. Really enjoy reading all these...
So, how about me now? still busy studying and working... wish to have a travel in the christmas too, may be the next station is Italy? By the way, i was in Portugal (Lisbon) in last Summer. I have already found some images of Macau (it is also one of the reason I went there), surprisingly, Quito looks really much more like Macau,(cleaner and more in order as in Lisbon). It seems that "Macau" is everywhere in the world (because of the spansiche/portugalische colonies of course) so this time so far, write to you next time.

Madrid said...

1 of my webmate said your parents have a 'couple look'!