Thursday, November 16, 2006

Colca Canyon

Wild Andrean Condor, originally uploaded by Tak from HK.

The local tour started from Arequipa (2300M height), the van climbed up to 3900M and we saw animals that are unique in South America. Their hair are used to make cloths like wool.

Vicuna, protected wild animals in National Reserve. Best quality hair
Alpaca, second best hair quality and their meat is also served for meals. (My lunch!)
Llama, with longer neck. Their hair is not very good fibre.

(see what they look like in my photos)

Before lunch, we reach viewpoint at 4910M. The highest point that I reached, but by van, not by foot. The view is nothing special.

Tour guide said that taking CoCa leaves will help to ease the attitude reaction. So, take a cup!

Chivay (3681M) is a little town which we stayed overnight. I also enjoy hot springs there. Cool!

Early morning, we went to see that Wild Andrean Condor which is the largest flying bird. Actually, they don´t fly but just slide with the wind.

The Condor is found in the Colca Canyon, which is one of the world´s deepest canyons (3191M). But the view is so-so.

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