Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Bye! Chau! South America

After spending 4 months in South America, I am now flying to Madrid in business class. I was upgraded due to overbooking of my flight : )

I have uploaded 1,055 photos for my trip in South America and Antarctica. May I invite you, to pick the photo which you like most. Your support will make me feel good and continue to take better photos.

Here is the steps to pick your favorite:

1. If you have Yahoo account, go to Step 3. If not, go to Step 2.
2. Sign up for a Yahoo account (free of charge)
3. Sign in www.flickr.com using your Yahoo account
4. Go to my Flickr page, www.flickr.com/photos/leungchitak/
5. Choose your favorite photo, only one photo
6. Click on that photo
7. Click the [Add to Faves]
8. Type your name in [Add your comment], or add more comment if you like.

The timeline is 2 weeks and the deadline of this voting is 15 Mar 2007. After counting your choices, I will let you all know the photo which has most votes.

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Liana said...

Interesting to know.