Saturday, March 10, 2007


Fes, originally uploaded by Tak from HK.

The oldest of the imperial cities, Fes, its medina is one of the largest living medieval cities in the world. It is less touristic than Marrakesh and people do live inside the medina; the old town surrounded by wall.

Fes is also the home for handicraft and you will see people in the workshop making leather goods, cloth, shoes, etc.

The famous tanneries is the place where workers prepare and dye leather. Different wells in various color to process the leather with strong smell. And, I bought a leather bag here for around HKD110.

I have passed through a classroom like place with lovely kids. It is strange that the teacher keep on asking me for money. I saw some tourists gave her big notes. Instead, I just go to the nearby store to buy every kids a pen.

In Fes, you will have so much attention as you walk along the street, shopkeepers and unofficial guides shouting at you. However, one of them took me to a home stay as the nearby hotel were full. Here, I had mint tea and home made dinner!

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Farida said...

If you have you seen tanneries in Fez or you plan to go to Fez you can miss it.
Everyone wants to be your guide and show you the way to tanneries. First talk about the price with the "guide". Some guides show you the way to tanneries saying: "no money" and offer the best view. But the way leads through a shop where you should buy anything. If you don't buy you have to pay the guy anyhow.Tourists are coming to see not only breathtaking Morocco property constructions, but also to view this unusual method of dyeing leather.
If you enter the shop you will feel like a fly in the spider net. The shop owner are sometimes angry if you don't buy anything. It's better to find a guy who shows you the way wihtout entering the shop. But on the other hand, the best views are from the shop roofs.
I think 10 MAD for a guide is o.k.