Thursday, April 12, 2007


Athens, originally uploaded by Tak from HK.

In Greece, I skipped the Island hopping. Because it is not the right season and also they are too romantic for a lonely traveller.

I spent the night in the ferry from Samos Island to Athens. And this is the most horrible night trip of my journey. I bought the cheapest fare, the deck class. Actually, I got a seat inside of the ship but the light did not turned off all night and the TV was so loud to keep you awake. This is the first time that I need to use eye mask and ear plug.

Athens, just let me think of the Japanese cartoon, young fighters fight for Athena. I think you know which one if you are the same age group as mine. And the blog photo is Athena in National Archaeological Museum.

I love frappe, ice coffee in Greece, which make me feel like ice tea in Hong Kong.


Emil said...

It's really amazing to go around the world in this way, which is something you are looking for, or maybe I can say something many of us are looking for. Also, I like your photos very much. See U in October!

Madrid said...

Put on your bronze armour ba! Holy fighter!! Hahaha~