Monday, July 23, 2007

South Omo

South Omo, originally uploaded by Tak from HK.

Mursi, Hamer, Benna, Karo...... different tribes in South Omo area. Each has their own dressing, hut, hair style, custom. It is quite difficult to access them with public transportation. So, I joined a luxury tour on 4WD for 10 days with another English girl who I met in travel forum over the web.

The people are really still living their own way with nothing from modern world. However, when our jeep arrived at each village, everybody come and ask us to take photos for them which cost around 2 HKD for each shot.

Below pls find a vidoe tape of the traditional dance of Hamer tribes.



Anonymous said...

what can one buy there for HKD 2?

Anonymous said...

By the way, could it be that, they just dont let you see what they have from the modern world, in order to earn your HKD2 ? How many photos did you take? 20 ? this village earned you HKD40 already. Just a joke :)