Thursday, October 26, 2006


IMG_5502, originally uploaded by Tak from HK.

5897m height, the highest active volcano in the earth. And it also has a beautiful cone shape!

Right after visiting the market, the jeep drop us at 4,000m height and start walking. Which is also the highest point I have ever been.

It should be a easy walk for 2-3 hrs and going uphill for total another 300m.

As usual, the cloud always block our view. But the scenary along the path is still very nice.

And, I am the slowest member in the tour group.


Madrid said...

Hey Tak,

Can I share your blog to ec2 forum?


sa said...

Glad to see the text and pics fr you. Pics are good. Thoung this is just the start of your round the world trip,i feel you are very far away from me for quite a long time. Maybe your pics are very beautiful. I feel you are living a very different n interesting life, far away from Hong Kong.

Tak said...

Kei, no problem.