Friday, October 27, 2006

Strange Fruit found in the Latacunga market

Finally, I have chance to eat the fruit that I saw in the market. It looks like passion fruit and its taste not bad.

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Yung said...

I thought you were trying to show us a rotten lemon with bugs inside! Interesting fruit!

Maxx said...

This fruit is know in Venezuela (my country) as "Parchita" and it is good for juices and deserts. Better not to eat directly due its high sourness.

I don't know how they call it in Equator, but in Venezuela is a very common fruit. Parchita juice is one of my favourites!

Warms Regards!

Anonymous said...

The fruit is called in Ecuador Granadilla,, We eat them because they are very good when you got the cold. Has a lots of vitamin C.

Ademas muchas gracias por demostrar de nuestra naturaleza y gente. Ecuador que viva pa siempre.
ya veras!!


Pink said...

Hi Tak,
i have gone thru your blog ,the adventurous mind and determination to go out is really cool and highly respectable

Life shoud be like this hope one day even i will go for a world tour like you.
I liked your photography can you please suggest for good pics ,which camera shuld be used can you give information with the help of specifications of a particular camera.

Secondly can you name the fruit "Strange Fruit found in the Latacunga market" found in Eucador ,I wanted to know more abt it

Thanks for such richness in your blog.

Ruth said...

Which part of the fruit do you eat, the rind or the inside?

Tak said...

Should be those inside with seeds..