Friday, October 27, 2006

Laguna Quilotoa

Me + Laguna Quilotoa, originally uploaded by Tak from HK.

It takes two hour drive to the Laguna Quilotoa. On the way, there are several volcano visible including one coming out smoke!

Laguna Quilotoa is a lake formed in the crater of a volcano at 4000m height. I walked down to the water level and go up by taking donkey. This is my first time riding a donkey and the experience is not bad!


sa said...

I am so jealous of you--Beautiful scene n beautiful pics. One silly question--how can you store so many photos during the trip?
And thanks for amending the comment function. I might sent the comment twice since i couldn't see it. I am often sleepless these days so I am your loyal reader.Take care.

Tak said...

I have brought along one PMP and another harddisk for pics storage.

That why my backpack is so heavy.

lau_sally said...

Great to see you through the pic. You're so shiny, should be enjoying the trip, happy to see that.
You make good pics on foods. They look like tasty.
Would try to write more next time as I seldom write before:P

Yung said...

Finally see a picture with your face. You should do it more often, especially later when your hair is long! :-D What is weather there now? I see you wearing long-sleeves.

Anonymous said...

Gd job Tak gor,

waiting ur pic show when u come back. Take care my fd, and do u take Vitamins during yr trip?And Hope ur body language can go through this way. hah. Yung is right, although handsome is not a factor, but we love to see ur pic with yr face. Hehe.


Mandy said...

Love to see the world through your eyes. You've got the touch of things - even the ordinary things in ordinary people's eyes. Keep it up, man! :->
Cheers, manDy

Christi said...

Hi Terry,

I started reading your blog since the day before you started your wonderful journey but I don't know how to write "comment" at that time :P You are really still "young" to have courage to quit your job and have a look of this world for one-year hah. Admire you!

Happy to see your face on your picture finally. You should do more! Your pictures really look good. I am very happy that you can share your every little tiny things with us through your pictures. Hey, where do you live now? Is internet assess quite convenience there as seems you can upload your photos quite frequently ? Show us the place you live ar.

Take good care for yourself and let's come out for dinner, hot pot, drinks when you come back.


Madrid said...

Terri said the lake is very beautiful. ;)

Madrid said...


Dick said...

What a beautiful place! I really envy you man!