Monday, January 29, 2007


Antarctica, originally uploaded by Tak from HK.

It has been 3 months passed since I left Hong Kong. From equator, I travelled south to the white continental of Antarctica, the south pole of the earth.

My ship, Antarctic Dream, take two whole days to pass through the Drake Passage before we reached the Antarctic Peninsula.

I spent 5 days on different islands, nice scenary, huge ice floating on the sea, surrounded by landscape all covered with white snow. Of course, there are penguins around me all the time. And whales may be spotted on the way.

Wish you enjoy the photos as I enjoyed my trip.

P.S. Pls click , My Photos (by Countries), and then select the set of Antarctica for slide show which is better arranged.


Madrid said...

Man, you're my idol right now!

Can't imagine 1 of my friend will visit South Pole. Next stop is...... Space?!?!?! :P

Katy said...

Mar-vel-lous! Your pics make me wanna buy an air ticket right away! Keep up your good work and upload more interesting videos for our enjoyment...