Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Ushuaia, originally uploaded by Tak from HK.

Ushuaia, the southmost city of the world. It is part of Argentina, but it is strange that when I came by bus, I must pass through Chile again and then back to Argentina. So, this is an isolated part of Argentina when you see the map.

There is a lighthouse that happen in the movie, Happy Together.

I waited here for 12 days as I found a last minute deal to Antarctica, the south pole of the earth. The trip last for 11 days and I believe it worth my waiting and the money.

So, what I do during these days? Trekking to Martial Glacier, Tierra del Fuego National park, visiting museum, watching James Bond movie, cooking meals, seeing beavers, taking the end of the world train, writing, and mostly just hanging around with nothing to do.

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Madrid said...

Wow~ You go to South Pole ah? I have to salute ah~~~