Thursday, March 15, 2007


Granada, originally uploaded by Tak from HK.

Alhambra, one of the greatest accomplishments of Islamic art and architecture. The place is not really Europe style because the Muslims have controlled this part of Spain for nearly 8 centuries. And Granada was the capital of the last Muslim kingdom in Spain.

The wall and ceiling inside the palace are stunning!

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Hi Tak,


I am now in Arequipe, Peru. I will be going to Bolivia. I use BNO for travel. Is it visa free for BNO in Bolivia when you visited Bolivia in last November ?

I found there are two ways to go to Bolivia. One is by bus from Puno to the Border arranged by travel agency and bus company. The bus will directly go to Bolivia (Copa or La Paz) and the passengers needs to arrange the immigration procedure through the Peru and Bolivia. And then passengers will get back into the bus after finishing the procedure in Bolivia side.

Another way is by bus / taxi to Yungayo, Peru border on own, and then go direct to the immigration through in Peru and Bolivia. Then by taxi to Copa on own.

Please advise which one you used before ?

I am afraid if I take the direct bus to Bolivia (Copa or La Paz), In case the visa cannot be made in the border, I am afraid I cannot get the luggange from the bus, which is already at the Bolivia Border. It is said that the driver will wait for the passengers at the Bolivia border.

Thanks for your help in advance.

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Best Regards