Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Montreux, originally uploaded by Tak from HK.

The Chateau de Chillon is the famous historial building in Montreux, locate on the lakefront.

I have heard that Switerland is a very expensive country. So, I have stocked some food in France and I went to the supermarket today to check the real price, hmmm, as expected, quite expensive. Like 40HKD for 4 pieces of chicken wings. And the internet cost around 70HKD per hour!


Anonymous said...

hi, you are now in switzerland! i was also there from 2 to 4 june, in Zuerich and Bern because of an exkursion in my department. yes, things are expensive. will you visit Zuerich? if yes, i suggest you to stay in the youth hostel, the price is reasonable and it is very new and nice.

Anonymous said...

As soon as you arrive in Zürich, you'll have internet for free and even a place to sleep...and if the weather is not too hot, there will be a very nice chesse fondue...see you soon, anita