Friday, September 28, 2007

Hong Kong

Back to Hong Kong, originally uploaded by Tak from HK.

Back to Home!

After 342 days, I finally came back Hong Kong in one piece. I have been dreaming of coming back, where I can find familiar faces, tasty Chinese food and Cantonese.

And, I really want to thank everybody who have hosted me in their places. They really make me feel different in my long journey.

Also, thanks for all those reader who read my blog. Your support keep my energy updating this blog.





Emil said...

Welcome Back!!

Christi said...

I think your parents are the one who are the most happiest and missed you most. Spend more time with them la...and also take a good rest before we meet la...

Stephen said...

welcome back!!!i m the one u met in Munich!home sweet home!!!

Anonymous said...

hi tak, it must be so warm to go back home after such a long journey. after u have settled down, share with us more about your feeling, your thoughts after this year.

vivian/wiwiana said...

Welcome back Tak! Your blog has been my manual and bible to plan my own trip! Though you've finished your trip, please continue to keep a blog to update us your new life. :)

Umbrella said...

Welcome Back, Tak! Even I didnt know that but you are my idol!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tak, good luck!