Tuesday, December 25, 2007







“Life is simple, all you need is a comfortable bed to sleep, hot shower and a good kitchen for you to cook.”





Emil said...

It is really something for you to share with us!

jing said...

your adventurous mind and determination to go out deserves the highest respect.

i really like your self-reflection, with a bed, good shower, kitchen to cook, life shoud be it....

thanks for such richness in your blog.

Pink said...

Hi Tak,nice to meet you! I have some questions want to get your opinions, can you give me your email? My email is pinkgata@gmail.com

Stephen! said...

hey tak, i m stephen u met in munich...remember? suddenly think of you and i really miss my trip in europe. one day i will go around the world like you, i swear! so hows life in HK so far? i really wanna know how the world changes you and i dun mind you typing 人生道理here...lol
gd luck to your new job and u know, i m entering the working force this summer.

hope we can catch up with each others sometimes later.

Tak said...

Thank you all for your comment. I am thinking to add some information of my travel so that people can get some hint easier.

Just too busy at this moment, so hopefully I can share them later.

tzuche said...

hi, tak,

just found your blog accidental on internet, amazed by your trip, and hope you would write more about your trips to share with us....

Anonymous said...

hi Tak,
after reading your sharing, I thought over it and found that the three things you mentioned: a bed, good shower and a kitchen - are actually elements of a HOME!! right?