Thursday, November 15, 2007

My Round The World Route on Map

My RTW Route, originally uploaded by Tak from HK.

Finally, I have drawn my route on the map.

It is not very detailed but I have tried my best! You can refer to different transportation methods by,

Blue - Air
Red - Land
Green - Sea

By looking at the map, you will find out that there are lots of places in the earth that I have not visited!!

And, you can always refer to the same map by clicking "Graphic Version" under my "Itinerary".


Julie said...

woww so envy you can take a year off to go around the world!!! pics and da trip are fastinating!!

hehe btw i would like to spend my summer holiday (about a month) in Africa... wanna seek for some advice from you... May I know how long to spend there?? and which to choose if i dun have enough time? how much? (I would like to go egypt, ethiopia, kenya, tanzania and zanxxxx) can you email me?? Thanks Thanks!!!!


soleil said...

你好呀! 好厲害的環遊世界, 很欣賞你的勇氣。
anyway,多謝你share既excel itin, 好有用哩!

96722231 said...

請問你買邊間環球機票,HOW ABOUT THE PRICE AND LIMIT。是否已包括所有機程?

Tak said...

Hi Apple,

Can you pls leave yr email / MSN to me, so that I can contact you later. I am thinking to post the details of round the world ticket but just too lazy.

Wish you enjoy the planning..

Gary said...

Hello Tak

I am glad to find your blog at the moment. I am planning to have my RTW trip starting from next year.
This would be a great challenge for me as I have to quit my job. and in the meantime, I would like to raise fund for the charity.
For the planning, I get lots of questions. would you share your experience with me ?
my email:
I really hope that u will still check your blog. =]

Best Wishes

Tak said...

Hi Gary,

Already sent an email to your personal email. Good luck!